The 10 Best Outlook Alternatives in 2021

  • a month ago
  • By Jeksani Mounika
The 10 Best Outlook Alternatives in 2021

Regardless of whether it's private or business: Unless it already happens automatically, Outlook is usually one of the first applications that the user starts after the computer has started up. The tool from Microsoft combines the functions of an email client, calendar and task planner under one surface and has therefore become one of the most important programs for daily business for nothing.

Why an Outlook?

Outlook is popular software for sending, receiving, and managing emails and contacts. The program also has a practical calendar function that you can use to organize appointments and tasks. Operation is simple and clear, you can manage several email accounts in parallel and, as part of the Office suite, the mail client is compatible with numerous other software solutions, both under Windows and Mac.

In the business sector in particular, Outlook is still number one as an email program. However, this convenience also has its price: Private users pay at least 6000 bucks per year for Office 365 . As a company, you already have to spend 9000 to 10000 per user per year. If that is too expensive for you and is looking for a replacement for Outlook you will fortunately find some good mail programs.


Best Alternatives to Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used free email programs. But with a few updates, the layout and functions have been changed a little. Let’s see below the Best Outlook alternatives for the computer and smartphones.



MailTrim has top-notch features and outstanding app integrations!. You won’t forget to attach files because the attachment reminder feature reminds you before sending the email. Also, it runs on both IMAP and POP3 servers. Being its best alternative for outlook email client does not keep any IP logs. This can be used on many small, medium, and large companies. When you switch to the premium feature of it will include more options such as email accounts setup, email speed reader, and attachment quick preview.


  • Gmail

Over a billion people use the Outlook alternative Google Mail or Gmail. This is mainly due to the large storage space that Google makes available to its users for free. Gmail conveys good spam filtering and can be accessed both via a regular email client and via the web browser. The IMAP and POP3 protocols, which you can select in the settings, are available via an email client. And Gmail also works in all standard web browsers, both on the desktop email clients in-home computer and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. A big plus point of the free Gmail email program is the extensive search. You can search the entire message text, but also individual fields such as sender, label, or subject. Gmail is one of the most mature Outlook alternatives.


  • Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the best and known alternatives for Outlook. It has launched its webmail service Yahoo! Mail has been thoroughly overhauled many times since its creation in 1997. The minimalist design is clear, easy to personalize and it is not difficult to adjust the settings. Yahoo! Mail has a calendar, contacts, and a chat function, as well as a number of useful features such as Dropbox and Flickr integration. A striking feature is the extremely large storage limit of 1000 GB (1 TB).


  • Windows Mail / Calendar

Even if Outlook itself is provided by Microsoft, you will find an alternative in Windows Mail. Mail has been on every Windows PC since Windows 8. All you have to do is set up your email account there. Then you can access all mail from your computer. Windows Mail gives you all of the basic features of email management software. Also, has software called Calendar. Here you can plan your appointments. So you also have an alternative Outlook for this topic.    


  • Thunderbird

The open-source tool Thunderbird is a real alternative to the Outlook client. It not only offers many functions but also a technically new basis. Tabs provide an overview, and the powerful search system scours through large volumes of mail. Not all add-ons have been compatible since version 60, but there are still enough options to expand Thunderbird. The developers strive to deliver not only bug fixes with each update, but also features that save users time. Recently, for example, there was an improved management of file attachments or easier sending of invitations directly from the calendar.


  • SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is also an app from Mozilla. However, it has a much larger range of functions than Thunderbird, which is mainly designed for mail and calendar management. SeaMonkey, on the other hand, is an entire software suite. You can access an Internet browser and an email program free of charge, but you also have a newsgroup client, IRC chat and feed reader at your disposal. The software can also be adapted and supplemented with add-ons. At first glance, Seamonkey looks a bit getting used to. After all, it is also a browser. Click on the letter symbol at the bottom left to get to your inbox.


  • Apple Mail

The Apple Mail email program comes standard with Mac OS X. Here you can use a uniform inbox for all your email addresses. Like Thunderbird and Windows Mail, you can add multiple email accounts, including Exchange, iCloud and Gmail.  The program is fast and clear. It offers ample options to organize and sort your mail via filters, flags, and smart mailboxes. The app is provided free of charge by Apple. It does not contain a calendar. But you can use the standard calendar under macOS. This is then synchronized directly with your other Apple devices (if available).


  • Mailbird

Mailbird is a paid email program. Annual tariffs or one-off payments can be selected as required. The one-time costs are 6000 INR. The annual price is between around 2 to 4 euros - depending on the package. However, there is also a free trial version so that you can try Mailbird without any obligations. The range of functions here includes a uniform inbox for your emails, the integration of other apps such as Google Calendar or Facebook, various search functions, and a translation tool.


  • eM Client