how to pick the best email software for your business in 2022

  • 4 years ago
  • By Jeksani Mounika
how to pick the best email software for your business in 2022

"Leveraging emerging technologies and tools for your business is staying top of your customer’s mind".

Not so long ago, e-mail, the oldest form of communication, is considered only for sending and receiving emails. However, on the flip side, it has a myriad of benefits apart from that.

Courtesy of email software, the ability to safeguard crucial business data has been made impeccable more than ever. And managing emails has become more personalized with outstanding features that email software offer.

First things first. Let us dig deep to know what is an email service provider, its fundamentals, and the key essentials such as cost, reliability, integrations, onboarding, etc. before choosing the best email software for your company.

What is email software?

In a nutshell, it’s an application that is designed to send, receive, and manage emails. They can be installed or hosted over the web. The significance of email management software for small businesses came to the limelight with Gmail, Microsoft’s Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Apple Mail, Hotmail, and other email clients.

Why businesses go for email software?

Businesses can manage multiple email accounts within a unified inbox. Read on to know more of the benefits email clients offer.

  • Ease of use: The email clients are easy to use and businesses can manage both emails and contacts.

  • Unified inbox: Multiple email accounts can be managed in a single inbox without the need of shifting to other accounts.

  • Authority: Businesses can have full control over emails to protect sensitive business data and files.

  • Accessibility: An email client can be accessed from anywhere from any device.

  • Integration with other apps: All the latest email management software for small business has integrations with third-party apps and email collaboration tools such as calendars, address books, to-do lists, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc.

  • Reliability: No third-party can have access to the emails. All emails can be sent to the concerned persons’ inbox. You never miss a single email.
  • Automated Response Handling: It is another feature that provides automated responses thus saves time.

  • Add-ons: Other features such as scheduling, snoozing, templates, in-line replies, attachment search, contact management, etc. will be an added value that makes your email management software for small business more outstanding.

Let us glance at some statistics that unveils the demand of email software for businesses.

Recently, in May, the Litmus Email Analytics has revealed the list of top email clients that are giving huge market share. They tracked 1.4 billion opens from different environments (mobile, desktop, webmail). You can get an updated report as these statistics are updated monthly.

That’s big!

Why wait?. Reach your customers and engage with them in a fly and hit the ROI on the go by adopting an email client that suits your business needs.

How to pick the best email software for business?

Here are the top 5 email clients that can help your business. Choose the right one that is tailored to your requirements. Read on to know them and the features they offer in one look.


Pricing: Freemium

Encryption support: PGP

 Available for: Windows and macOS

 Unique features: Respond later, Flagging, Email signature, Advanced filters, Folder management, Add/Manage accounts.

 Integrations: CRM

 MailTrim is a simple and full-featured email client with a seamless UI that allows users to send/receive/manage emails in the fly. They can mark any number of emails as ‘respond later’ and view them later. They can filter marked emails and manage the folders seamlessly. The end-to-end PGP encryption allows clients to secure their confidential data and emails.

Also, the users can create rules based on their requirements and streamline the workflow along with basic features such as contact management, calendar, task, etc. The emails from Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo can be synchronized efficiently.

This affordable manage email software collaboration tool is supported by the app/desktop/browser and is suitable for Businesses, SMEs, Organizations, Educational institutions, and Industries.

eM Client

Pricing: Freemium

Unique features: Calendar, task, chat, contacts management

Available for: Windows and macOS

Encryption support: PGP or S/MIME

Its comprehensive contact management allows the users to view the contacts by category and the exhaustive data fields for each contact. You can merge and deduplicate the contacts and the contacts can be synchronized with Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook. You can migrate Gmail messages to any other email client.

Moreover, users can avail of additional features such as delayed send, automatic translation, Language translator, and encryption. Chat integration allows users to communicate with their contacts without composing a mail. For each contact, they can see the communication and attachment history.

With Calendar, you can manage appointments and customize the views and interface. And all emails and data can be backed up. It supports only 2 mail accounts under the free subscription. To access unlimited email accounts, users need to subscribe to Premium.


Pricing: Freemium

Unique features: Calender, Unified inbox, Speed reader, reminders.

Available for: Windows

Integration: Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, etc.

This simple yet effective email management tool is the best email marketing software in India comes with built-in apps Dropbox, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

The unique feature of this manage email software is managing multiple accounts at a time for all campaigns. Users can integrate calendar apps and customize the view.

It can sync with IMAP or POP email service. The free version has a unified inbox and supports up to 3 emails. In Premium, users can get access to unlimited emails, avail of snooze emails, Speed reader for emails, and set up reminders. Also, you can have a quick preview of email attachments.


Pricing: Freemium

Unique features: Undo sent emails, pre-built template and theme support, custom signature, insights.

Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux.

It is a secured email managing software for teams and can be synced with Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, iCloud, FastMail, and IMAP. The free version allows accessing unlimited email accounts. You can undo the email for collaboration after a set time, track links, and get read receipts. It has a unified inbox, pre-built themes, layouts, dark mode, emojis, quick search, advanced shortcuts, and touch & gesture support.

The premium allows you to use various templates, schedule, and snooze emails, set reminders, and share email threads via web links. Emails can be localized into 9 languages.


Pricing: Free

Encryption support: PGP

Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Unique features: Dark theme, Autoresponse, phishing protection, Automated updates, Advanced filters

This email management software for business has various features like auto-responding to emails, archive messages, quick filter toolbar, search tools, automated updates, phishing protection, one-click address book, attachment reminder, etc.

Large files can be stored and shared as a link instead of an attachment thus it saves time. It supports over 40 languages. A smart folder is another feature that lets you manage multiple email accounts by combining inbox, sent, or archive folders.

Wrapping Up:

Currently, many big giants are leveraging various email clients or email collaboration tools to communicate with their clients and promote their businesses on the go. It’s time for you to adopt one of the best collaboration email software mentioned above to manage email accounts, engage with your clients like never before, and stand tall in the business arena.

How to Use Email Marketing for Business?

  1. Select the right email marketing platform for your business,. 
  2. Create the best list of contacts.
  3. Set up a plan for the campaign.
  4. Start creating emails.
  5. Send the campaign and begin analyzing the outcomes.

Following these steps will help you use email marketing for your businesses to increase your ROI(Return on Investment) without any upfront costs.

Stay tuned to our site as we update you on the latest open-source email marketing software.