How to Use MailTrim Email Client to Increase Productivity

  • 4 years ago
  • By Jeksani Mounika
How to Use MailTrim Email Client to Increase Productivity

Whenever I open my email inbox, I get distracted by all the different messages that have come since I last logged into my account. 


The catchy subjects and headings often tempt me into clicking open the emails and responding to the messages. 


This eventually leads to waste of time, productivity loss, and I end up thinking of ways to answer several messages at once.


It took me a while to learn about Email clients tools and how they can be used for increasing email productivity


Following up on different email clients, I and my teams used multiple options available in the market, and finally came across our favorite email client that serves the purpose just right. 


In this blog post, I’ll discuss email clients for productivity. 


Let’s get started. 


What is an Email Client? 


An Email client is basically a desktop app which enables configuring more than one email address to receive, review, read, compose, and send emails from the particular email address using the desktop interface. 


In simple words, the email client provides a central interface for doing multiple tasks at once - receiving, composing, and sending emails to pre-decided or configured addresses. 


Typically, the email client needs the employees to set up an email address and configure it before sharing any email. These emails are sent through MTA (mail transfer agent) of an email service provider. And similarly, for receiving emails Mail submission agents (MSA) are used. 


Thanks to the technology, email clients can also be used for configuring multiple emails addresses from multiple email service providers. Some of the popular email clients are MailTrim, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus, and Mozilla Thunderbird. 


Why Use Email Clients for Productivity?


Now that you know what email clients are and what they do, let’s take a quick look at how they can boost your productivity at work:


First things first, Email clients for productivity have many amazing features that help you do much more with your email than you’d do normally. However, most of the people still don’t know how to make use of them. 


In this productivity guide for email client tools, you’ll be able to learn exactly what an email client can do in terms of boosting work efficiency and productivity. 



  • Smart Inbox


Email clients such as MailTrim allows users to get access to a unified inbox where they can receive emails from multiple accounts. They can use that inbox for composing, sending, and receiving emails to their internal and external teams.



  • Turn Emails to Tasks:


Through Email Clients, you can easily turn your emails to tasks. Through a click of a button, you can ‘create a task from a message’ so that your new mail gets added as a task on your desktop screen. On this task, you can also add date and time to complete the task. 



  • Easy Access to Important Emails: 


With your favourite email client, you’d never need to go through tons of emails or waste time finding the right email. You can create folders, add flags, mark important, and categorise them for easy access. 



  • Always stay on Ball with all Your tasks:


With the right email client, you’re assured of staying in line with your tasks. After creating a task, you can connect it to the calendar, set date, time, or any other detail you’d otherwise find useful. You can categorise, color code, and foldr your tasks according to priority preference.



  • Easy Organisation through a Calendars:


Since all email clients have an in-build calendar, you can put all your events and tasks in one place, while syncing them with the calendar so you get a nice view of everything you need to get done. 


What is MailTrim Email Client?


MailTrim is one of the most popular and fastest growing email collaboration software with rich features. This easy-to-use and reliable tool with S/MIME and PGP encryption vouches for outstanding email collaboration. 


MailTrim is an incredibly smart email client tool that’s trusted by businesses world wide. Obviously, the email client tool works beyond the simple message exchange, and offers integration features as well.


How to Use MailTrim for Productivity?


Known for boosting email productivity and secure email services, it offers users with tempting features such as responding later, PGP encryption, email signature, customised displays and more. 


  • Intelligent Inbox 

One of the most exciting features of MailTrim email clients is it enables an easier way to receive and sort all emails - even if you’re receiving them from different accounts. MainTrim sorts them all into different categories for quick access. 


  • Respond later and Flagging 

Through the ‘respond later’ feature, you never have to worry about replying to an important email. The auto-reminder feature of MailTrim app sends reminders about the emails you haven’t yet replied to. 


Similarly, the Flagging feature helps you flag the emails you think are important. These flagged emails can be filtered for a quick view so you can sort out what you need.  


  • Email Signature 

With MailTrim, you don’t need to manually add your signature as a Postscript in every email. All you have to do is create an email signature, which will be used for all the emails sent from your email address. 


  • PGP Encryption 

If you want your professional conversations to be more private and secure, give a try to MailTrim email client tool. Use this email client for sending PGP-encrypted emails to your teams with its code lock and unlock features. 


  • Event Calendar and Email Scheduling

Apart from other rich features, MailTrim also has an event calendar and email scheduling feature. Through the Event calendar you can schedule your tasks and events for future dates and time, and through email scheduling, you can compose an email for sending it to recover at a stipulated time. 


  • Archives and Smart Search 

Features like Archives and Smart Search further make MailTrim a favourite Email client. You can use this software for archiving emails you don’t wish to see in your inbox, and also for finding emails quickly through filters and preferences so you don’t have to browse the entire inbox for one email access. 


  • Quick Customizable Reminders 

With the MainTrim email client tool, you can set reminders on the email threads which you want to receive notifications for. Once you’ve done the settings, MailTrim will send you quick reminders for every reply or activity done on that particular thread. 


  • Seamless Integration 

Mailtrim supports third-party and native integration with tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Apart from that, you can also integrate MailTrim with CRMs as well. 


Wrapping it:


One of the most important parts of work productivity is proper planning. So, if you can plan properly, and schedule what you need to do every day, you’ll eventually have a more productive day where you get tasks done. 


MailTrim and other similar email clients help you plan through your mailbox, cut out any distraction, and stay organised. With features such as customizable reminders, responding later, PGP encryption, email signature, customised displays and seamless integration, your productivity is bound to boost. 


At Troop Messenger, our quick to collaborate office messaging application, we allow easy email integration of Mailtrim email clients. So, if you’re using Troop Messenger for office communication, you can access MainTrim data without switching between multiple applications. In short, all the conversations you do from your email addresses, you can do it from Troop Messenger only. 


Before you leave, take a quick look at how Troop Messenger connects to your favourite email client for productivity. Once you acquire MailTrim add-on integration, you get direct access to your MailTrim unified inbox, you can use the same portal for composing and sending emails, sending PGP encrypted emails, and enabling response later feature.